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Attract Happiness...

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Progress Equals Growth

Let go and be genuinely okay with not getting what you want. Get on with your life and whatever it is you want will have a much easier path to you.

What you focus on, you attract. Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis, is exactly what you will experience.

Conflict attracts more conflict, fighting attracts more things to fight about and struggling attracts more things to struggle over. All this does is harm you. Step away from it. Let go of the trash we build up inside of ourselves. Release it.

Choose Happiness...

We have to really mean it when we say we want to be happy. We have to mean it no matter what happens. Make a decision that we will stay happy and open our hearts. No matter how scary that is because that is where true growth emerges. Isolating one's self to prevent from getting hurt, does absolutely nothing for us. Doing this also hurts us as well. We get sad and lonely. Here we are trying to prevent people and things from hurting us and yet, we end up hurting ourselves by letting self pity and ego get in the way. As humans we take everything personal and we make everything about us.

Think about this, two people can be in the exact same situation but they will both have two different perceptions. Why? Because one person will take that situation and make it personal. Something about that situation created a trigger response. That's where we mistake truth with our own perception of the truth. For example, I've convinced my mind that I will never find a partner because "I'm not good enough." Guess what? If you convince your mind enough times, you will believe it to be true. Even with no truth or logic behind it. Change your mind set, change your life!

Flip the switch to "hell yes, I am good enough! I deserve happiness no matter what." I flipped it and created happiness for myself! I may not have the love of my life in a partner but I do have love in my life in many other ways. I may not have my own house(yet) but I live in a home. I may not have children but I was blessed to have a niece and nephews. I may not be wealthy but I am rich in so many other ways. We were given the gift of life so stop wasting it and go live it....happily! 😊

"As your day unfolds, notice what your mind is telling you about how things should be. Notice if you resist experiences and start to close. Relax deep inside and be okay regardless of how things are."

Once we decide....

We want to be truly happy; something occurs that challenges us. This test of our commitment and consistency is exactly what emerges our growth. When all is going well, it's easy to be happy. But the moment something difficult happens, that's where the true challenge is. We got to stay committed to our growth. Our actions, thoughts, and words all have to be aligned. ❤

"Relax away from the complaining mind and back into the Seat of Self." Decide what you want. Believe you can have it. Believe you deserve it and believe it's possible."

Being Happy in the Now...

Not focusing on the things, we don't want but instead on the things we do want. We are a magnet we put out to the universe. Our job is to not figure out the how. The how will show up out of commitment and belief in the what. By putting yourself last, we attract feelings of being unworthy and undeserving. Unless we fill ourselves up first, we'll have nothing to give anybody. Be aware and be here now! No thoughts, no problems, and no suffering, only joy. Quiet the noise in our minds and enjoy where we are in the moment....HERE AND NOW!

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