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Take Charge Now...

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Create New Habits

It's never easy to change ourselves, it's an everyday challenge! For some, it may come easy. and I applaud them! But for most we tend to revert back and go into our easy comfort zone bubble. The mind is a powerful thing. Either we control it, or it will control us. It's a battle we won't win! The things we do have control over, are our choices, our actions/reactions and our wellbeing. Lifestyle change is a choice. It's not only about reaching a certain goal. It is now about my progress and growth. It may have started out as weight loss journey but turned out to be so much more. It is more than just the weight on my body.

My lifestyle change is not only what I eat. It is also, my mindset, what I watch, listen to, read and the people I surround myself with. Being mindful of the things I put into my body...physically, mentally, and emotionally. Don't get me wrong, it's not always easy to avoid situations and people, but we can walk away from it, politely. Our mental health comes first!

We are not obligated to stay in situations where there is bad energy and/or vibes. There will always be those people who live to complain. It's them against the world kind of attitude. Their soul purpose is complaining, it gives their life meaning. Here is the ugly truth, nobody cares! Loved ones will try to be supportive but we can't fix other people. Either change the situation or change your attitude towards the situation! It's easy to blame others instead of looking in the mirror. We got to take responsibility for our choices and avoid playing the victim. Feeling sorry for ourselves will get us no where!

Take charge now

It's always easy to push things aside and say, "I'll get to it later or "I'll start tomorrow." I was one of those people, a creature of habit. But why can't later be now? It's much easier to stay stuck then it is to create change. It's never easy to start but once we make that choice, we will see how much better it is not to be stuck in that horrible comfort zone. No matter how small or how big the changes are we are making, it's that small step that matters the most. Once you take that step, the pace at which we go is entirely to each individual. It is not a race but instead a journey of progress. Enjoy the journey and learn along the way. Sometimes life happens and we tend to fall off track but the sooner we are able to get back on, the better! The longer you stay off, the harder it is to start over again. Stay focused, stay consistent and take control. What will your journey be like?

"Life is happening FOR you not TO you".

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